“Good luck is opportunity meeting preparedness”

– Deepak Chopra


Below you will find information on the risks that nonprofits in Calgary may face and tips on how to plan for each. While these resources are meant to provide guidance in your planning efforts, remember that having a general plan covering multiple risk scenarios is recommended.


Your home or business may be flooded in one or all of these ways:

  • Basement seepage
  • Sewage backup
  • Stormwater backup
  • Overland flooding

Are you in a flood zone?
CEMA Flood Checklist
Preparing your Business for Flooding
Red Cross Guide To Flood Recovery


Fire can be devastating to a nonprofit organization. Damage can range from disruption of service up to a full loss of operations. It is important to consider expedited evacuation and communication procedures, as well as alternate facilities to operate.

Preparing your Business for Fire


Loss of critical infrastracture including servers, computers, and communication tools can significantly interrupt operations. Focus your efforts on the program areas of highest need i.e. if your organization requires housing for clients, or refrigeration for food etc. Consider backing up your critical documents on remote servers or off site.

Business Outage Checklist
Prepare your Business for an Outage

Pandemic Influenza

Loss of staff or volunteer time, to the point of a disruption in your organization’s ability to meet client’s needs, could require a shift in organizational mindset. The resources below will provide some ideas to consider when planning for this threat:

Pandemic Influenza Business Checklist

Severe Weather

Severe weather can take shape in various forms, whether it’s damage to physical assets in a hail storm, loss of accessibility or supply routes in a large snow fall, or severe damage from high winds or tornado. Learn how to prepare below:

Preparing for Tornados and Severe Weather
Warning Signs of a Potential Tornado

Shelter in Place

Chemical spills, biological contaminants, pollutants and more can neccesitate a Shelter in Place response. With Calgary’s large industrial transportation systems, organizations should be prepared to seal the hazards out of their workplace. Find out how below:
How to Shelter in Place
Shelter in Place Checklist

Terrorism / Lockdown

While focused heavily on educational institutions, it is good practice for all organizations to have a knowledge and level of preparedness for staff and volunteers in the event of a lockdown. Find sample lockdown plans from the University of Calgary and York University below:

University of Calgary Armed Assailant Procedure
York University Lockdown Guideline

Cyber Attack

With the ability to corrupt an organization’s control systems, finance, telecommunications and personal information, a cyber attack can greatly affect an organization’s reputation.

CyberSecurity for Small Business

Staff and Personal Disaster Preparedness

People are an organization’s most valuable asset. Provided below are resources to prepare your staff and volunteers in the event of a personal disaster:

Canadian Red Cross Personal Disaster Preparedness
Family Emergency Preparedness Guide

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